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Finally someone like me || thebeautifulorchardandsong || Lexi and Nick


Lexi pouted as the boy laughed at her. She had been working hard on her vamp face for moments like these when she needed to intimidate people. Looking him up and down she beginning to be worried, he was obviously pretty experienced. 

Folding her arms defensively she listened to him, needing to hear his answer. “Demi God?” she thought aloud. All of those childhood years obsessing over Greek mythology were out of the window as confusion smacked her hard in the face. Unsure of what to do she grabbed his hand and pulled him into an empty classroom, she just felt far too exposed to tell him what she was. Looking around the room to see if anyone was there she looked at him and sighed. “I am a vampire, now tell me why you’re here.” 

Nick laughs as she moves away and folds her in a defensive manner, his face stretching into a wide grin fit for an asshole like him. He stuffs his hands in his pockets and leans against the wall, casually. He nods slowly as if he were talking to a child who did not understand him.

"Demigod," he says. "You know-half god, half mortal. The children of the gods by a mortal. I’m a son of Nyx and a mortal. Understand now?" He smirks and shakes his head. For some reason, he is not terrified of what she is nor that she could probably kill him if she tried to. He shrugs. "I’m here because my dear old father thought I should go back to school. He thought I was irresponsible and incapable of running a multimillionaire company. I’m not here to destroy you or whatever is going through your head. I’m just here because I was forced. Trust me I don’t want to be here. I would rather die than be stuck here."

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Nick, to say the least, had been taken aback the sudden kiss, finding it to be spontaneous, yet appropriate since Haidey did seem pretty excited. He just had not been expecting it is all. But what he didn’t also expect is that he would like it. He had liked the kiss and he actually wanted to kiss her again, but he contains the urge so instead he asks,”What was that for?” He has a grin on his face and a smile on his lips.


Haidey looks up at him for a moment after he said he liked the kiss. “Really?” she says, half flirtly, half unsure. She was slightly surprised when he kissed her again, but then smiles and kisses him after he pulls away. She lingers there, eyes still closed and eyelashes brushing against his cheeks. Sighing with relief, she smiles and says, “I’m just so relieved. I feel like… like this huge weight has been lifted off me. I can’t believe I got the job.” She looks up at him, eyes shining. “I’m gonna be a journalist. I’m gonna do what I love- and I’m gonna be okay. And that’s just- just- so amazing.” Giggling again, she pulls herself closer to him in a hug. She truly did feel better than she had in so long that it was such a relief to be away from the stress.

Nick shakes his head as if he can’t believe that she would question him. “Have I ever lied to you?” he asks her. He grins when she kisses him again after they pull away for the second time and he is tempted to kiss her back, but he refrains from doing so. He’ll do it again later. He rests his forehead against hers and smiles down at her. “I’m really happy for you,” he whispers to her, voice gentle and caring. “You deserved to get it and you deserve to do something you love.” His fingers reach up and brush her hair away from her face. He kisses her forehead and looks down at her again. He wraps his arms around her tightly and pulls her real close to him. “So what should we do to celebrate?” he asks. “I don’t mind just cuddling, watching a movie, and making out,” he says, winking at her. 


Alex smirks when he hears his name and licks his tounge over the sensitive part. He places his hand on her free breast and traces small circles with his thumb.

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He smirks before she kissed him again. He runs his hands down her curves and traces small circles on her bare body. Than he leaves the kissing and kisses the top of her breasts, slowly moving down to the sensitive parts.

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"You know sweetheart, you can take off the underwear if you please." Alex said in the kiss with his lip bitten. He tried to small so instead he winked at her.

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Nick gives Brandy a look, the kind of look that says ‘I have no idea what you’re doing, but I’m going to let it slide just this once.’ He cocks an eyebrow and simply leans back against the couch. “You do know there is space right next to me. This couch is pretty big. But if you want to sit in my lap then go ahead. Whatever floats your boat.”


"Alright," was all she said before sitting back down on his lap so leisurely it was as though she was taking seat on some ordinary chair. No trace of emotion showed on her face, despite the small bubbles of excitement bursting from inside her at the fact that Nick had stopped her from leaving. There were times when Brandy wanted to flee rather than take a problem or situation head on, and at times she actually wanted someone to stop her. What made her nervous was that he asked her to state her problem, and she was not sure if she knew how to do that. She brought her hair to the side of her shoulder and subconsciously braided her fingers through them while thinking of how to respond. "Okay, let’s say that I have a friend… and she works in the office and likes her employee, but the higher authorities won’t let them and she doesn’t want to lose what she worked so hard in achieving, not to mention disappointing those she cared about. There are too many factors playing against it, yet she still feels like it’s worth it. Well, what should I tell her? That it’s not worth it?"

He listens with rapt attention, his fingers absentmindedly tracing patterns on her hand, his gaze on hers. He bites his lip as she keeps on going, trying to dissect and assess the situation. He honestly doesn’t know what to say, having never been able to give great advice. He can listen, but when having to comfort or give advice, he can’t do it. His silver tongue isn’t there to help him. He runs a hand through his mop of hair and rubs the back of his neck. “I don’t know…” he says. “I mean don’t tell her it’s not worth it, but don’t give her false hope I guess. If she really likes him then she’ll find a way to be with him and make sure she won’t get caught. I mean that’s what I did before. If it’s just a minor crush then she’ll get over it and she won’t be disappointing anyone. Was that good? I don’t think it ws. I’m not very good at this. I’m sorry.”


Brent swatted her hand that pinched his cheek away and gave her a look of mock irritation, then grinned smugly at how she described him and gave her a dramatic bow. “That’s what I’m here for. Kind of like the vacation version of you. Maybe we should be traveling 24/7, like rockstars or nomads. I mean, it’s so much more fulfilling than being a professor.” Like he would know, Brent had never grown an attachment to a job.” The inebriation loosened his tongue, making him more talkative than he would have otherwise been, but the things he says are what he later figures out is unnecessary and stupid. “Really? Okay so, what can we do? What does one do for fun in Italy?”  

She gives him an indignant glare and places one hand on her chest as if he had said something insulting. “Excuse me, sir, my job as a professor is very fulfilling. I get to teach a subject I love and I get paid well. Besides, if I had not been a professor, I would have never met you,” she points out. “But it would be fun to be a rockstar. I do love to sing and dance so I guess that could work and traveling is wonderful.” She thinks for a moment before her face lights up. “Why don’t we go in a gondola? And just see Venice from there? It will be quiet and peaceful and very romantic…” 

"Can you please help me? I'm lost and I have no idea where to go. Please?"



Wyatt was laying out under the stars relaxing when he heard someone from out of nowhere. “Yeah I guess I could help you do you want some water though or anything and you can warm up by the fire. i’m Wyatt.” 

"Nah it is all good just relaxing out here lookin’ at the stars before i head back to the cabin." Wyatt looked at the girl feeling bad. He guessed that she was a little out of her comfort zone by being out in the middle of nowhere. "Well right now we are along the Oregon/Washington border. About thirty miles from Portland give or take." He warmed his hands by the fire looking at the young woman about his age and smiled. "Its kinda cold out and I can point you in the direction of the ranger’s station or you can stay at the cabin I’m renting."

"You have a cabin?" she asks, her tone incredulous, as she turns to look at him, her eyes intensely gazing at him. She’s been running for a while and she honestly didn’t want to sleep in the woods or in alleyways again. Another look of surprise passes on her face. "Near Portland? That’s not possible…I was just in Illinois. I couldn’t have traveled that far…" She trails off, completely perplexed at the mystery, but not knowing the answer. She bites her lip. "Can I stay with you? I mean I know I don’t know you, but I’m too tired to keep on going and seeking for more help." She blushes at how awkward she sounded. She wants to chide herself for her stupidity and awkward manner.